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Celtic Shirt Mystery
Celtic Top

Okay folks , here's the mystery, can you help solve it?

Duncan from Listed Magazine has donated a signed Celtic top but we don't know which Celtic players have signed it, we've racked our brains for about three minutes over this and thought fellow Celtic supporters may be able to shed some light on who's signatures they are.

Do you have a signature on a shirt, an autograph or know of somewhere on the internet where we could compare signatures, let us know or send us a photo.

We are sure we have solved 12 from the 16 signatures on the shirt, we don't have a clue about the others but the ones we have solved might give you an idea of the players who may have penned the others.

Below are larger images of each signature on the shirt, the shirt is from season 2002/03.

Here's the list so far.

1. Unknown
2.Johan Mjallby
3. Colin Healy
4. Henrik Larsson
5. Steve Walford
6. Stephen Crainey
7. Stan Petrov
8. Unknown
9. Jackie McNamara
10. Tommy Johnson
11. Terry Gennoe- Goalkeeping Coach
12. Joos Valgaeren
13. Jonathan Gould - Goalkeeper
14. Chris Sutton
15. Ramon Vega
16. Jamie Smith

Didier Agathe 1. Unknown
Johan Mjallby 2. Johan Mjallby
Colin Healy 3. Colin Healy
Henrick Larsson 4. Henrik Larsson - King of kings
Steve Walford 5. Steve Walford
Stephen Crainey 6. Stephen Crainey
Stan Petrov 7. Stan Petrov
Unknown 8. Unknown
Unknown 9. Jackie McNamara
Unknown 10. Tommy Johnson
Terry Gennoe 11. Terry Gennoe - Goalkeeping Coach
Joos Valgaeran 12. Joos Valgaeren
Unknown 13. Jonathan Gould - Goalkeeper
Chris Sutton 14. Chris Sutton
Unknown 15. Ramon Vega
Jamie Smith 16. Jamie Smith

If you have any idea who the Celtic players signatures belong to, email us and let us know using the email address below.

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